Testing Vocabulary

Vocabulary atau juga disebut Kosa kata atau juga orang2 menyebutnya dgn vocab..

vocab adalah masalah yang dihadapi oleh setiap siswa dalam mempelajari bahasa inggris,.tp sebetulnya ini adalah masalah bagi para guru karena seharusnya guru lah yang memberikan vocab tersebut kepada siswa, knpa? karena sudah kewajiban guru sbg fasilitator..

mudah-mudahan tulisan ini bermanfaat dlm mengevaluasi vocab;



Any doubts about the advisability of testing grammar apply equally to the testing vocabulary. Clearly knowledge is essential to development and demonstration of linguistic skills. But that does not necessary mean that it should be tested separately.

Item writing

This is one testing problem for which multiple – choice can be recommended without to many reservations. For one thing, distractors are usually readily available. For another, there seem unlikely to be any serious harmful backwash effect, since guessing the meaning of vocabulary items is something which we would probably wish to encourage. However, the writing of successful items is not without its difficulties.

Item may involve a number of different operations:

  1. Synonyms

Choose the alternative (A,B,C,D) which is closest in meaning to the word on the left of the page.

Gleam              A. gather          B. shine            C. welcome      D. clean

The writer of this item has probably chosen because the first alternative of the word glean. The fourth may have been chosen because of the similarity of its sound to that of gleam. Whether these distractors would work as intended would only be discovered through pretesting. Note that all of the options are words which the candidates are expected to know. If for example, welcome were replaced by groyne, most candidates, recognizing the meaning of the stem (gleam) on which they are being tested, would dismiss groyne immediately.

On the other hand, item could have a common word as the stem with four less frequent words as option:

Shine                A. malm           B. gleam           C. loam            D. snarl


untuk lebih afdoll download az link ini; TESTING VOCABULAR1


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